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Social Work Online Magazines

January 12, 2010

Professional oriented magazines are a fun and important way of delivering up-to-date information. In my case, I regularly buy the Community Care Magazine and spend a few hours reading through its articles; I also get a weekly news feed through my e-mail subscription.

Recently, this practice has led me to look for further online publications on social work/care preferably free of charge and I believe I have found a few worth mentioning:

  • Social Work Today is a bimestrial North American publication that covers all issues regarding social work, from mental health to professional practice. At the Social Work Today’s website you have access to the past three years’ articles and also to some of the current issue. This is presented in a very friendly way, giving you the choice to browse the articles by subjects which is easier if you have in mind a particular topic.
  • Children and Young People Now is oriented for professionals in that specific area of social work in the UK. you can have access to all preview articles of the last seven years. I was very impressed with this website as it is very well organised and as they clearly point out: is the essential website for multi-agency professionals who need to be kept up-to-date with news and information across children and youth services.

  • Rehab and Community Care Medicine. This Canadian publication focuses on Community and Home Care. I was very glad to see that their issues are all available at their website  in a very interactive and fun way to browse through.
  • The New Social Worker Online differs from the above, in this case it is accessible solely online, free of charge.  I am particularly fond of this magazine since it has a different take on social work, delivering very interesting articles on new media technologies, research and students’ daily challenges.
  • Community Care Magazine. As I have mentioned before I regularly buy this magazine, I believe it is one of the best and most informative social work publications in the UK. If you do live in the UK, Community Care has a special offer for students that consists of a half-price subscription and at the website you can find the main articles of  every past issues.

I tried my best to find the most relevant online resources available and I hope they will be useful for everyone interested in social work. As a side note, to view some of the magazines I have mentioned you may need to download the latest Adobe Reader version, which you can download following this link.


Social Work: An introduction to contemporary practice

December 8, 2009

This is the title of the book  that I am reading at the moment.I believe it is a very useful text and an interesting read for everyone involved within the Social Work field.

What took me to write about this book was the fact that it has an excellent Companion Website, available to anyone on the Internet. At the website you can find a diversity of learning resources on all covered topics, including additional study as well as valuable links to interactive and virtual learning materials.

All of these subjects are quickly accessed  at the Chapter bar at the top of the website, for instance, if you click on the chapter about Communication Skills there are six different learning materials such as: Diversity and difference in communicationCommunication for person centred planning, etc.

Online Case Studies

November 6, 2009

Recently I have been required to undertake an additional training or an aptitude test in order to register as a Qualified Social Worker in the UK.  At first I thought that the additional training would be the best option for me but after looking for work placement, volunteering and/or shadowing opportunities without success I have finally decided to take the test  (which is professionally rather than academically focused).

Although I am still waiting for the General Social Care Council (GSCC) to give me advice on preparation materials for the test , I have come across a series of different websites providing access to online case studies for social work practice that I would like to point out.

At the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCiE) website, you can find a “Good Practice Framework” section where you can search for or add an example of good practice.

Another website that has developed an online information tool is the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) with the creation of The Learning Exchange Project which is a digital library of a wide range of resources for social services and social work education and training. Before starting to use the Open Search browser it is worth to have a look at the video introduction, download the Getting Started guide, and view the screencasts on Searching and More Features. You can also access directly to  the available online case studies by entering the words “case studies” in the Open Search browser.

community care informCommunity Care Inform is yet another online information source for professionals working with children, young people  and their families that among other materials contains case studies and expert articles. It is essential to subscribe if you want to access its information, nonetheless it is possible to view an online demo at how Community Care Inform works and/or to request a free trial if you are a student or a social care practitioner working with children and families.

Statistics and Social Work

September 15, 2009


Statistics are a great source of information, the collection of data promotes insight and awareness into every aspects of our society. Social work is no different, to effectively resolve social conflicts it is seldom necessary to analyse and interpret statistics.
Recently, with the advent of the internet lots of data has become available in many aspects related to social work (e.g. poverty, health, education, etc). It is up to us to make a good use of this information and put it to practice.
I have searched for the most reliable sources of national and international statistics and came across several pages which clearly illustrates the world we live today.


  •, supported by UN Millennium Development Goals is by far the most interactive experience you´ll ever encounter, this Swedish website tries to bring the entertainment into the statistics world, providing very exciting graphics on some of the most important data on worldwide policy, health, education, etc.

Social Work Podcasting

September 11, 2009


In recent years Social Work related content has grown significantly on the Internet, making itself available to the avid seeker as never before. As part of this phenomena, podcasting  jumped into the scene and revolutionised the way in which educational resources are delivered.

I’ve always been fascinated about  podcasting and collected a fair share of podcasts on different subjects, although being a social worker I’m biased towards my field and have found a good amount of free on-line Social Work podcasts that I would like to compile.

  • The Social Work Podcast is one of the most recognisable podcasts on social work, it covers many subjects, from practice to research, education to policy, etc. It is incredibly up-to-date and counts with great interviews from field experts.
  • The Psychjourney Podcasts are a great reference for Psychiatry and Psychology, it covers Mental Health issues through various audio interviews.
  • Last but not least is the UNICEF Podcast that you can follow through, it keeps track of children’s health, education and protection issues.

These are some of my favourite podcasts on the web, for those of you that aren’t comfortable with podcasting I would suggest to download a free version of  iTunes, so you can subscribe to podcasts.

To the most daunted, you can check out this video on Podcasting in Plain English, which is very easy to follow.

Internet Social Worker

September 10, 2009

internet social worker

The Internet Social Worker is an on-line tutorial hosted by the Intute website, this tool is a great resource to help  social work students and professionals into the realms of internet social work content.

The page grants great insight into research skills and provides the means to access a  range of knowledge and resources, specifically targeting social work and social welfare. The site is very clear and well structured, offering a tour to what is to be expected, easy to reach information and interactivity.

Students interested in academic coursework research can find a wide gamut of educational materials, e-learning, legislation and several on-line publications related to social work.

Overall, the Intute Internet Social Worker web page is worthy of a bookmark at any social worker web browser.

forum3 Event

September 9, 2009


Tomorrow starts a two-day event at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. If you are looking for a job or volunteering within the not-for-profit sector, the forum3 will be a great opportunity for you to meet employers and a wide range of seminars focused on job search.

There will be many organizations present, from Community/Volunteering to Disability and Social Care like: Cancer Research UK, Action for Blind People, Salvation Army, etc.

The doors will be open from 10 o’clock, giving start to 1000’s of jobs and volunteering roles, 70 free seminars and over 100 exhibitors.

At the forum3 website you can register for a free ticket, if you are looking for a job you can also sign up for a job-seeker account, and for a virtual network community for professionals in the not-for-profit sector. On the other hand, if you are looking to recruit, you can also sign up for a free organizational profile when you create an Employer’s account.