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Short Documentary: Introduction to Love Light & Melody

February 3, 2010

Love Light & Melody is a non-profit organization working inside the city trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua since 2007, its aim is to rebuild, restore and bring healing to communities affected by extreme poverty through music and the arts.

This documentary is a short introduction to the work that Love Light & Melody carries out inside Managua’s city trash dump, helping hundreds of people who depend on the garbage to meet their immediate physical needs.

I didn’t know about this organization, it is wonderful to see how they fight social injustice. I hope you would find it as interesting and inspiring as I did.

Note: If you are having trouble watching this video, try to click the HD button off.

Since 2007, Love Light & Melody has worked inside the city trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua, helping to rebuild, restore, and bring healing to this community.

Duration: 09:10

Filmed by: Love Light & Melody

Social Work Journals

January 28, 2010

Today I would like to talk about a rather interesting source of insight into social work research and practice. I’ve always been very interested in academic journals as a way to access the latest discussions and ideas, as such, I would like to mention a few that are available free of charge on-line.

I’ve made my choices purely based on free content, and although these are a valuable source of information and highly respected institutions and publications, there are also a few other journals available upon purchase, namely from the British Association of Social Workers, the National Association of Social Workers and SAGE Publications, that I couldn’t avoid mentioning.

Some of the academic journals I will enumerate are periodical publications written by social work students, leading figures in social work research, education professionals, social work practitioners and policy-makers. They deliver innovative practice theory, evidence-based research, social policy and tackle several values and ethical dilemmas. And above all, they are incredibly interesting to read.

  • Critical Social Work Journal is brought to us by The School of Social Work of The University of Windsor. This journal is particularly focused on the topic of social justice, although there are several others, such as the take on spirituality and ecology within social work. There are ten volumes available, from 2000 to present.
  • Advances in Social Work is a journal developed by the Indiana University School of Social Work. Its aim is to bring together social work practice, research and education and it covers: clinical practice, community organization, social administration, social policy, planning and program evaluation. You can find ten volumes available, from 2000 to present.
  • Clinical Social Work Journal, I found out about this journal after listening to one of The Social Work Podcast interviews with Carol Tosone, who is the Editor-in-chief of this particular journal and although it is a very interesting journal, there is only one issue fully available free of charge regarding Clinical Social Work and Psychoanalysis.
  • Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal. From the same publisher as the former, this journal has twenty six volumes completely available free of charge. Its content is drawn from theory, direct practice, research and social policy in respect to children, adolescents and their families.
  • Child and Family Social Work Journal, its goal is to improve understanding and develop notions of good practice among researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and managers within child and family social work. Unfortunately, only the current issue is available free of charge, but it is still worth mentioning due to the extended content on this issue.
  • Currents Journal is given to us by Canadian University of Calgary Press. There is a special effort to encourage graduate students to submit papers to this journal and employing innovative research methods. There are seven volumes available free of charge.

Currents is one of a new breed of publications, a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal developed with the goal of making academic publishing more accessible and open.

Traditional print-media journals have become increasingly expensive, and they are notoriously slow. The cost of accessing knowledge through Currents will always be nominal, and the time required to review and publish manuscripts can be drastically reduced by using internet technology.

  • Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, giving special emphasis in values and ethics in social work, this journal presents several articles providing ethical dilemmas and the advances being made within the field. This journal has been made available since 2004 until present free of charge.
  • Advocates’ Forum is edited and published by the students at The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration, its purpose is to create a forum of debate among students, field instructors, social service agencies and schools of social work to discuss innovative topics in the field of social service. The volumes go as far back as 1994 until the present time.

I hope you will find this selection of free journals valuable as I did, and please feel free to add more if you would like.

Social Work Blog Awards: Submissions

January 21, 2010

So I have started developing this idea a little further and I came up with seven categories, which I think cover the spectrum of the majority of the social work blogs.

Also, I have created a new page on my blog solely dedicated for the Blog Awards, where everyone can read the procedures that all blogs should follow in order to
participate and where all matters regarding the awards will be addressed.

I hope everyone enjoys the awards and start submitting blogs!

Social Work Blog Awards

January 19, 2010

It has been a week since me and my partner (who kindly helps me with the design of my blog) have been thinking about creating some sort of stimulus for social work blogging and writing in general.

We came up with the idea of distinguishing the best social work/care blogs that excel at different types of categories, such as: personal, informative, British, North American, best post, etc; during 2010.

This is, of course, a rough idea that needs refining and help from the social work blogging community.

We thought of dividing this process into three distinct periods of time: submitting, voting and final results. We would make a page dedicated to it, where people could submit the blogs and articles for voting.

I would really like to encourage everyone to participate and give us your opinions of whether we  should go forward or not.

Short Documentary: Autism Reality

January 19, 2010

I found this short documentary on autism to be very interesting and worth sharing. It portrays the reality of autism from a personal point of view and attempts to change popular misconceptions.

This short film runs in less than ten minutes but it still accomplishes to deliver the message.

‘Autism Reality’ is a moving interview-based piece that shows a new and refreshing side of the issue.

Duration: 10:27

Filmed by: Alex Plank

Released under the creative commons license.

Social Work Online Job Search

January 16, 2010

Today I would like to talk about job engines/banks in social care, mainly because I have been focusing on this subject for personal reasons, and I hope I can contribute in the process.I would like to make clear that my research will only be a small addition to the laborious task of job hunting and is purely oriented towards online resources.

Obviously, there are hundreds of job offering websites out there, and as such I took the liberty to name only a few which correspond to my personal criteria, based on  the number of job offerings, recently updated jobs, tools availability (such as CV uploading and job alerts) and finally easy and intuitive surfing.

Although I’m based in the UK, I feel like I should also mention North American Websites since I have noticed the increasing exchange of Social Work professionals between these two countries.

  • Great Social Care (UK):Part of a wider network of sites called the great care group, Great Social care is in itself sub divided into three nuclear categories: Social Work, Care and Social Housing. Jobs on this page are updated daily and most social work agencies are represented. CV uploading is also available, making it easy for employers to reach candidates and there is also the possibility of subscribing by e mail to the latest job vacancies. As a final touch you may also follow jobs on Twitter.
  • Allied Health Careers (US): This American site is also part of a wider health media network, posts jobs on a daily basis and allows you free access to a personal account in which you can anonymously submit your resume for consideration. There is a Career Centre available that provides advice on all job hunting strategies from fashion to interviewing to resume building.
  • Jobs in Social Work (UK): Of all job banks, this is by far the most intuitive and visually attractive website, very organized and user friendly, you can start searching for jobs in one click. It offers all main functionalities such as building an online profile, latest job alerts and searching by recruiters.Ultimately there are two features that stand out which are the weekly newsletter and an optional career advice paid service to access professional guidance in online reputation, etc. Alternatively you can also follow the correspondent blog for further help.
  • Social Work Job Bank (US): I found this site difficult to follow and with less jobs in general, although I am still inclined to mention it since its unique purpose is to advertise social work related jobs and it still offers the most common features on these sites.
  • Community Care Jobs (UK): Yet another great service from the Community Care Website. Community Care Jobs delivers the biggest number of job vacancies I have encountered during my search and the search engine on the site offers the possibility of very specific and individual results. Overall it shares the main tools like  personal account, CV uploading, job alerts, etc.
  • Job Search USA (US):Probably the most up-to-date American site, Job Search USA is a general job engine, but with a very good amount of social work related jobs.Unfortunately most of the web page is bombarded by Google Ads which may become confusing for job seekers.A good feature on this site is the possibility of job searching by company and American States.Although you may upload your resume most common tools are absent on this site, particularly job alerts.
  • All Care Jobs (UK): This website is completely oriented to social care careers, I was surprised to see the little amount of recruiters on the site, but it still offers many jobs and is extremely updated with many recent job opportunities. It also provides the same tools as most of the above, yet it is worth mentioning the training and events section that offers professional oriented courses off-line.

These were my particular choices on job banks and I am aware many were left unmentioned, but I hope this could still be of help to all of you struggling with
job searching, and please, feel free to add to the list and comment below.

Finally I would also like to mention the Workgateways website for people coming from outside the UK looking for social work jobs,it provides great information on VISA and Registration Requirements for people wanting to work in Britain.

Silent Victims the Burmese Genocide

January 13, 2010

It has come to my attention that the international community is awfully quiet on the 60 year genocide occurring in Burma. The officially named Union of Myanmar after the biggest ethnic group of the land, has been running an increasingly authoritative regime with the lowest health care in the world and suppressed human rights.

After some research, I found this beautiful yet unsettling documentary that portraits the Karen people, and their suffering under the military regime.

Note: If you are having trouble watching this video, try to click the HD button off.

Against All Hope is a short documentary about Karen refugees and internally displaced people in Burma.


Filmed by: Youth With A Mission Denver & Art and Justice League

Directed & Produced by: Anthony Lee

Viewer Discretion Is Advised